Forklift Operator Training
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Forklift safety is largely achieved by proper operator training. However, the use of other safety equipment and accessories can be useful in increasing the overall safety of forklifts. Some of the safety equipment is intended for the operator. For instance, a helmet and forklift seat belt. Other safety equipment is intended to inform other workers of the forklift’s movements and actions. Forklift safety strobe lights, backup alarms, and clear caps fall under this category. All these types of safety products and equipment need to be used together in addition to proper training to ensure proper forklift safety.

Propane Cylinder Handling Gloves

Forklift operators need to protect their hands when exchanging propane cylinders. Liquid propane gas is extremely cold and may cause frost burn to exposed skin. This is why wearing protective gloves when handling propane cylinders is important. These gloves are chemical resistant and are made using synthetic rubber coated with PVC and cotton flannel.

 There are on-hand propane safety gloves attached to the overhead guard for ease of access, and this also means that you will no longer have to worry about misplacing them. 

Battery Watering Cart

Battery watering carts are useful in making the task of watering forklift batteries much easier and more manageable. This is achieved by the provision of a mobile water source. The carts provide a means of quickly and accurately dispensing water into the battery. This means you spend less time watering the battery. The carts come in different capacities and different modes of powering to suit your needs.

Having easily movable water carts can help you in minimizing hazards related to the watering process. You may need a watering gun to use with the cart. The pump in most carts automatically shuts-off to prevent overfilling, which can cause a permanent decline in battery life. Remember to water the batteries in a suitable environment with a level surface that is properly ventilated and free from items that can produce sparks or flames. For reliable forklift safety solutions, contact us at

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