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Today, warehouses are complex and challenging to keep well-lit, especially if you’re handling projects in tall places, aisles, and places with packed shelves. These areas can easily block visibility, thus lead to accidents that may adversely harm goods and people.

Regardless of the operational costs and other difficulties, warehouse operators and owners are precisely required to ensure clear visibility during all operations. As such, here are the factors to consider as the requirements for forklift lighting.

Obeying OSHA Orders and Standards

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration {OSHA} forklift rules, individuals operating forklifts in traffic locations need to be at least at a distance of lights of 2 lumens per square foot from people. When the area is dimmer, headlights are required to offer directional illumination.

It’s a Consideration for Individual Differences Among Operators

As people get older, brighter lights become essential to maintain clear visibility. With that in mind, a warehouse with forklift drivers aged 60 and above will need more lightning than young ones. Also, workers that wear glasses may suffer glare at some point, thus require more lights. Additionally, warehouse managers should keep it a rule to set illumination levels and standards that ensure visibility is for all operators.

Hang –a-lights portable lights are also excellent options to add to the illumination levels in a warehouse. Moreover, OSHA standards have set specific rules for lighting in forklift traffic locations. In these specifications, operators need to exceed their minimum brightness in some instances. Furthermore, you think your current lighting is not enough for the area; additional lights can be fixed around the shelving units to boost visibility.

Furthermore, when it’s challenging to light aisles, the best option and requirement is to use truck-mounted lights to ensure there is enough visibility as possible.

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