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Just because you got your forklift license doesn’t automatically make you a pro driver. The driving test was only meant to certify your skills, while the real test starts once you handle the machine. Each day brings an opportunity to learn something new and avoid previous mistakes, and a certified forklift trainer can ensure you do just that. At Forklift Training Systems, we have gathered the following tips and tricks that might help upgrade your skills and enhance your learning experience with the forklift. 

Inspect Equipment Before Use

A routine pre-shift inspection should never be ignored regardless of the reasons or conditions. It doesn’t matter whether you’re late for your shift because the risks involved with such ignorance are high. Similarly, you should never assume that the driver before your shift had already inspected the equipment appropriately, thereby removing any need for a second check. The machine could’ve picked up a problem while using the previous driver, and skipping the inspection procedure puts everyone around you in danger. Therefore, a pre-shift inspection is an important responsibility that cannot be ignored for the safety of anyone working on the site.  

Wear Protective Gear

Forklifts are typically used in construction sites, warehouses, and shipyards. The one standard protective gear required by regulations in such areas is a hard hat. Similarly, you also need to consider the environmental conditions around that location. It would be helpful to keep warm when handling a forklift during the winter or in an unheated warehouse to prevent your reaction time from slowing down. Furthermore, protective footwear is another essential requirement.  

Enter & Exit carefully

It might seem impressive to your coworkers whenever you jump in and out of a forklift. However, as you’re trying to show off your experience level, you should be aware of the dangers and accidents of such activities. Be sure to check on the steps for signs of grease that could cause you to slip and fall.  

Keep Loads Low

Always ensure the load on a forklift is kept as close to the ground as possible. Doing so ensures that the machine’s center of gravity stays low, thus preventing the forklift from losing balance and tipping over. It also prevents accidents caused by falling loads.  

Avoid Distractions

Forklift drivers are usually subjected to less supervision compared to other workers on the site. As such, distractions can lurk around these drivers, preventing them from putting all their attention into handling these machines. As a forklift handler, you should avoid being unfocused on your task because anything can happen during operations causing accidents.  

Look Up

There will always be low obstacles you can hit while handling a forklift around an industrial site. Ensure you know the height of your forklift and the load you carry to prevent maneuvering into low obstacles. Similarly, you should also clear any overhead obstacles along the way before proceeding to your next stop.  

Train on Ramps

While maneuvering a forklift on a ramp may sound intimidating, imagine handling the machine while carrying a load that’s about half its size on the same ramp. It is always recommended for a rookie to practice the basic moves on a ramp before trying it out with a full load. Also, never attempt to make any turns on a ramp and always drive forward when climbing a ramp and a reverse when climbing down.  

Eat the right Foods

It would probably sound weird if someone associated operating a heavy machine with food. However, people don’t realize that the food they eat can impact their performance with the forklift. For example, large amounts of sugar and gluten are known to alter your blood sugar levels and make your brain foggy respectively. Working in such conditions while operating a forklift can be dangerous for you and the people next to it.  

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