In the past, there have been several methods of forklift warning equipment and safety systems. These include items like alarms, strobe lights, and cameras, together with several others. Yet, all these items have not fulfilled everyone’s needs. Even with technology advancing, there are still several workplace accidents occurring. 

That’s why the forklift safety lights were invented. But why are they essential? 

Why Do You Need Forklift Safety Lights?

Although safety equipment like strobe lights and backup alarms are added to forklifts as standard equipment by several manufacturers, there was the need for a better solution. 

Even if they appeared valuable, these devices were deemed annoying to people who had to keep up with the alarm and strobe lights every day. Several forklift drivers kept disabling them intentionally. A safety device that isn’t functioning correctly will not be seen as necessary to the operators. What was required was an inconspicuous warning device that would let both forklift drivers and distracted pedestrians quickly detect that a forklift was moving in the right direction and how fast it was moving. 

Forklift safety light will solve most of these issues. The blue forklift spotlight is a favorite among several forklift operators due to the unobtrusiveness, and pedestrians can quickly notice it even if they are distracted. At Forklift Safety Solutions, you can get the blue forklift spotlight at reasonable pricing. 

Forklift Warning & Safety Lights from Forklift Safety Solutions

At Forklift Safety Solutions, we have tested dozens of lights and only carry 3 of the best we have found.  The lights will make a safe environment for both forklifts and pedestrians by providing advanced-warning. Here are some benefits of forklift warning and safety lights:

Pedestrian Safety – Noticing a bright light will bring awareness to on-coming traffic

Operator Safety – Forklift collisions can be reduced

Bright: More distance means more time to get out of the way.

Reliable – UL rated

It doesn’t fade – When heat builds up, low-quality LEDs will fade after some time but not the forklift warning and safety lights. 

Installation is a breeze: – use the the included mounting bracket and install the lights on the front, back, or both!ud

Excellent value for money: Don’t buy cheap lights if you’re looking to save money. If you wish to save money in the long-term, buy high-quality warning and safety lights.

Understanding the Correct Blue Safety Light Installation

The mistake most people make when installing a forklift blue light is to keep the lights on at all times.  If you decide to mount two different lights on your forklift– let’s say one on the front and one on the back– they should be installed correctly so that the light is switched on when the forklift moves in that direction. 

Altering Light Levels

Are you looking to use your new safety lights for your forklift correctly? If so, you can speak to the team at Forklift Safety Solutions. You will be required to let the light point to the ground and within 15-20 feet. Light operations should be part of a forklift pre-check. 

The Forklift Safety Solutions team will recommend letting the light shine at a distance of 15 feet from your forklift. A small distance will not give the pedestrians enough time to act once the warning has been issued. Also, you will want to ensure the distance remains consistent on the tools so that other forklift operators can know how far you are so that they can act accordingly. Whichever distance you pick, ensure the spot is noticeable. 

Reach Out to Forklift Safety Solutions

If you require high-quality warning and safety lights, look no further. Forklift Safety Solutions takes pride in offering excellent forklift warning lights and training. If you wish to understand more about forklifts and the best safety light for you, please reach out!