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Who is this for?

Larger companies, who want the flexibility and cost savings of having their own in house forklift trainers. Corporations that want uniformity in their safety programs and training for all sites across the country.


Companies save money and gain training flexibility over hiring an outside company to train their forklift operators. Provides them in house experts to both train and monitoring safe forklift operations. Updates and upgrades their existing training program, breathing new life and passion into forklift and pedestrian safety.

Forklift Training Dates/Locations

We have regular training dates scheduled in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. We can also come to your site anywhere in the United States.

So Why Choose Us For Forklift Instructor Training?

With 85 to 100 forklift-related deaths in the U.S. per year, forklift safety is of the utmost concern for
many industrial sites. As one of America’s largest specialty forklift training companies, we offer a two-day, forklift train the trainer class every month of the year in Columbus, Ohio. Our
course is different from many offerings out there. We keep the class sizes small to encourage
engagement and personal attention for each student. We assign homework to ensure the trainers not
only understand the material, but that they are ready to apply what they have learned in the workplace.
This is NOT just a seminar to idly sit through. Trainers must earn the right to pass the class, and in turn,
teach other employees. As part of the course, trainers take part in forklift operator training, offering
them hands-on experience leading a training course. Your trainers will return to your facility prepared to
teach and inspired to make positive changes on the job.

For facilities with high operator turnover, multiple locations, or unique forklifts setups, we can take our
forklift safety classes right to your door. With a minimum of four trainers enrolled, our onsite class
includes a free site safety audit and recommendations for improving safety in your facility – for
pedestrians and forklift operators alike. The course is updated frequently to cover the latest OSHA
regulations. Your trainers will come away from the course knowing the regulations and safety
precautions most relevant to your location and to their own jobs.
Our train-the-trainer classes come with lifelong support by phone and email, so trainers can get specific
answers to questions they encounter on the job. Trainers also receive our forklift safety newsletter,
which keeps them up to date on industry trends and changes in OSHA regulations.

Is Training a Forklift Trainer the Best Option for Our Company?

Whether training a designated forklift trainer is right for your company depends largely on your setup, size, and personnel. For facilities with only a few forklift operators or a base of longstanding employees, contracting out the forklift training likely makes more sense. However, if your company is among the many that struggle with varied or unique forklift equipment or high operator turnover, having an in-house trainer to conduct forklift operator trainings whenever they are needed may be the best choice. Training an in-house trainer will spare you the expense and time of contracting out the training class or waiting for an appropriate training in your area.

How are Forklift Trainers Trained?

Many different types of training are available for forklift operators and trainers, some of which are available online and require only a few hours of time. At Forklift Training Systems, we believe the old adage “you get what you pay for.” In-person trainings may cost more, but an online program will not address the safety concerns specific to your location or your employee’s questions about how to apply what they learn in the classroom. We don’t cut corners when it comes to employee safety and OSHA compliance. Hands-on, facility-specific training and our on-site safety audit ensure that your trainers know how safety precautions apply to their jobs and in their work environment.

What Does OSHA Say About Forklift Trainers?

OSHA mentions forklift training in a few places. The OSHA Forklift Standard29CFR1910.178(l)(2)(iii) states “All operator training and evaluation shall be conducted by persons who have the knowledge, training, and experience to train powered industrial truck operators and evaluate their competence.” The Compliance Directive CPL 2-1.28A defines a qualified trainer as “a person who, by possession of a recognized degree, certificate, or professional standing, or who by knowledge, training and experience, has demonstrated the ability to train and evaluate powered industrial truck operators.” The OSHA letter of Interpretation notes that prior to training others on forklift operations or safety, forklift trainers must have the skills and experience required to operate a forklift themselves.

What Type of People Make Forklift Instructors?

This is an important question to consider, as not all good forklift operators make good trainers. When you consider which of your employees to train as trainers, the following list of attributes will help guide your selection. Consider employees who:

  1. Express interest in becoming a forklift trainer.
  2. Communicate well verbally and have good people skills
  3. Have a long history with your company
  4. Have a track record of promoting safety standards within your organization
  5. Possess solid forklift operating skills
  6. Do not shy away from confronting those who violate safety standards
  7. Have organizational skills
  8. Know basic computer programs, including email and PowerPoint
  9. Have previous experience as a trainer, coach, or mentor

What Should You Look For When Choosing a Train the Trainer Class?

A proper training class works on a pass/fail basis, requiring trainers to demonstrate knowledge and skill in forklift operation prior to receiving their certification.
The course should test trainers on OSHA standards and knowledge of forklifts. These tests help sift employees who are fit to be trainers from those who are not.
Two days is a good minimum length for a train-the-trainer course; courses requiring less than two days do not dedicate sufficient time to cover all the material or allow for hands-on experience training in a classroom setting.
A good train-the-trainer program will be upfront about the cost, including all training materials and post-training support. Beware of companies who undercharge for the training, then require you to purchase materials at an extra, hidden cost.
Since forklift operators must recertify every three years to comply with OSHA regulations, choose a class that does not expire. Trainers do not have to recertify, so if their training does not expire, they can retrain forklift operators as needed.
Pick a training company that offers continual support of your trainers after their course has ended.

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forklift train the trainer course
Having an in-house trainer is great for high operator turnover.

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Additional Information

When choosing a forklift train the trainer course, here are a couple things to to be wary of:

    • Courses where every participant ends up passing
      This is a huge red flag. Any training company worth it’s salt would always ensure that each trainer has the ability to safely teach future operators.
    • Pass or fail classes
      Just like the example above, in a class conducted on a pass or fail basis, more often than not everyone miraculously passes, regardless of skill level.
    • Short classes
      Training should be conducted for at least two days. It is impossible for shorter classes to cover the wealth of information needed to be a competent trainer.
    • Expiration dates
      Unlike operators, trainers are not required to be re-certified every three years. As a trainer, you will definitely want to brush up now and then, especially if you haven’t been a trainer for a period of time. However a class with a firm expiration date is just trying to get you for more money.

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