Aerial Work Platform Training – Forklift Safety Solutions

Who This is For

Aerial work platform training is for operators or trainers who want to use scissor or boom lifts. We train both operators and trainers of aerial work platforms and in both construction trades and general industry applications.


OSHA compliance and providing knowledge of the big 4 killers which are tip overs, collisions, falls and electrocutions. Our program not only provides the needed knowledge, but it will change how operators and trainers feel about using these potentially dangerous vehicles.

Training Dates/Locations

Scissor and Boom lift training
We complete a walk through of your site to make suggestions on how to improve aerial work platform safety and OSHA compliance.

Additional Information

For companies that regularly use aerial work platforms such as scissors and boom lifts, formal operator training classes can be an easy and affordable way to train new hires or re-certify current operators. These classes help to ensure that everyone is up to date on operational procedures and safety standards. A typical class will include:

● A thorough walk-through of the site in operation to form suggestions for improving OSHA compliance and overall safety.

● Photo documentation of correct implementation of safety suggestions

● Discussion of your own specific problem areas

These sessions last for an average of four hours each, dependant upon the size of your fleet, number of operators to be trained, and the ways in which you typically use your aerial work platforms. After the knowledge-based classroom portion of the training, all students will be required to undergo a hands-on skill evaluation which will take another few hours. This amount of time is necessary to ensure the proper training of all students. We pride ourselves on offering the best and most thorough safety training in the industry, and that kind of thing takes time.

We are among a very small number of training companies that offer classes on aerial work platforms. What sets us apart from these other companies if our level of dedication and enthusiasm for teaching. Training operators is our passion and we want to create the most qualified, safest operator possible each time that we run a class. We are always striving for perfection! Our clients have often said that we are one of their most reliable vendors, and the only operator trainers that were able to bring about real change in their operator’s habits and behaviors. We are happy to serve any company who requires our training services, no matter how complicated, anywhere in Indiana, Ohio, or Kentucky.