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One of the things synonymous with forklifts is accidents. This is no surprise considering the type of machinery forklifts are in and the kind of environment they are used. Most of the time, forklifts are used in warehouses with many people moving around and plenty of other machinery, which are the perfect ingredients for an accident. Furthermore, incidences are not only limited to the humans in the vicinity; the forklifts can also damage goods. So how do you reduce accidents in your warehouse? What is a simple yet inexpensive solution to increasing productivity and reducing the number of damaged goods? We recommend using a forklift safety light. This is a laser connected to the forklift that helps you navigate and better control the tines.

How does the shoptalk forklift laser tine guide system work

With years of experience under our belt in forklift safety and training, we have seen that the tines cause the most damage in forklift accidents. But you cannot cover or muzzle the tines. Therefore the best solution is to make them more accurate using a laser. 

The tine guide system is first installed on the forklift as required. Once installed, the laser beam will be in line with the tines. Therefore you can accurately see their exact position as you maneuver the forklift. This gives you a better idea of how to move them to the precise position to lift items off the shelf. You can easily place the tines under the heavy items and pull them out of the shelf with no damage. 

Advantages of using forklift laser tine guides

The first and most obvious advantage is that you reduce the number of accidents and damaged goods in your warehouse. This advantage tickles down to other things such as increased efficiency. By this, we mean that you spend less time inspecting the items to see if they are damaged and focusing on your core business. With more work efficiency, your warehouse or company becomes more productive moving goods in and out of the center seamlessly. Less damaged goods mean fewer returns and refunds, increasing your bottom line further. 

With all this in place, your warehouse becomes a better unit as you spend less time picking particular shelves to place easily damaged goods. For example, in many warehouses, the more fragile items on the bottom shelves where they can be easily lifted with a forklift with minimum damage. However, such an arrangement takes a lot of time to sort as you need to constantly file inventory, slowing down your operation. Using a tine laser guide, you can place delicate goods anywhere as you can move them without damage easily.

Features that make the shoptalk forklift laser tine guide system stand out

With so many different solutions in the market, Forklift Safety Solutions recommends the shoplift laser tine guide system, as it fits almost any standard forklift without any modifications. They are equipped with a battery capacity of around 50 hours of working power. If battery charging is not your thing, the gear can be wire powered from the forklift’s battery. This tine laser guide system comes with several customized additional features to fit any warehouse needs.  

If you are in a crowded warehouse, you can buy a shoptalk forklift laser tine guide system that turns off at around 7 feet, which is eye level, to avoid retinal damage. If you run a cold storage warehouse, you can have one that is waterproof and can withstand extreme temperatures. Whatever your need, this tine guide system can handle it. For more info, you can reach us through

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