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Re-certification for Forklift Trainers

Although OSHA has not put a number on this, it is definitely a good idea for your forklift trainers to have a refresher course every so often. How often that is, though, is up to you. Times inevitably change and if a trainer spends too long without attending a class he or she may miss out on important updates or changes to the curriculum. Keep in mind that a trainer who trains regularly is more likely to have the information fresh in their mind than one who only gets to train sporadically. Take that into account when determining when your trainer should be retrained. In between trainings, trainers should keep an eye out for changes and read the forklift standard at least once a year to keep on top of things.

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Where are Forklift Trainers Trained?

Forklift “train the trainer” classes are usually small group classes that are held at the training company’s location, but not always. If you prefer to have your group trained onsite at your location, you will likely be able to find a training company willing to accommodate you, though these services may come at an additional cost. Attending a regularly scheduled class at a trainer’s location is usually the most economic option, especially if you only have one or two people that need training. A few companies offer trainer training online, but we cannot in good conscience recommend these types of courses. Online classes may be sufficient for generic training for simple tasks, but forklift operation is very much a hands-on job that just cannot be adequately taught without hands-on experience. Most online forklift trainer training courses are insufficient to impart the necessary knowledge and therefore a huge waste of money.

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Choosing the Best Forklift Train the Trainer Class

There are a few things that you will want to keep an eye out for when choosing a forklift train the trainer class to participate in, including:

  • Classes where everyone passes. This is a major red flag of a training company that just doesn’t care what kind of forklift operators they unleash on the world. Not everyone is meant to be a forklift operator, and their graduation rate should reflect that.
  • Pass or fail classes. This goes hand in hand with the above, as more often than not everyone in a class conducted on a pass or fail basis miraculously passes, regardless of skill level.
  • Short classes. Training should last at least two days. Classes that are only 4 to 8 hours cannot possibly cover the breadth of information that a competent forklift trainer will need to know.
  • No expiration date. Unlike operators, forklift trainers are not required to be re-certified every three years, or at all. Of course you will want to brush up every now and again, but a class with a firm expiration date is just trying to wring more money out of you.
  • Materials needed. Before booking the cheapest class available, know that many of these classes under charge on the signup fee and then make up for it with overpriced books and learning materials once you are on location. Find out what materials are needed for the course and whether or not they’re included ahead of time.
  • Stays in touch. A program that stays in contact with its alumni and updates them on important topics and changes in training topics is definitely a good choice! So get in touch with us today to enroll in the best train the trainer forklift course available.
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Why Train Forklift Trainers?

When a new person comes onto your team, you will need to make sure that they are qualified to operate a forklift up to your company’s standards. To do that, you’ll need to teach them how. Your forklift trainer is the person who will be doing that. Since they take such an active role in each of your employee’s forklift operational training, what they teach becomes the basis of your company’s entire forklift operation. Your forklift trainer is also the one who motivates workers to meet or exceed safety goals and makes sure that any unsafe practices are addressed in a timely manner. Needless to say, they are pretty important. Maintaining your own forklift trainer on your work site allows you more control over the policies that your workforce is taught. It lets you hold your trainer accountable for how and what they teach, and it also offers a massive convenience for your business. No training company out there can guarantee you “hire today, train tomorrow” service, but with your own trainer, that’s exactly what you get, cutting down on a lot of wasted time.

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Is Forklift Trainer Training OSHA Approved?

 Interestingly enough, OSHA has very little to say about forklift trainer training courses. They simply state that all operator training should be completed by competent teachers. They’re not even particularly picky about trainers holding certifications and licenses, stating that adequate knowledge and work experience will do the trick. Needless to say, our forklift train the trainer education course goes far beyond OSHA’s recommendations. We use only certified, licensed forklift operators who can demonstrate a strong knowledge of the material and background in safety, as well as a passion for teaching this information to others.