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Red Zone Danger Area Warning Light


A red visual safety zone around forklifts or other operating equipment.

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What is the purpose of the Red Zone Danger Area Warning Light?

To prevent accidents involving pedestrians by keeping them a safe distance away from the forklift-operating zone, also known as the Red Zone or HALO zone.

The Red Zone projects a bright red line on the ground to highlight the area pedestrians should avoid. The HALO zone can be adjusted to any preferred safe parameter to prevent unwanted injuries. Highlighting the “NO GO ZONE” around the equipment will reduce work place injuries and help increase safety.

Where can I purchase the Red Zone Danger Area Warning Lights?

This product is distributed in Canada and the U.S. through Forklift Training Systems. Additionally, this product is seen through forklift dealers and safety/industrial supply companies. We offer our product to both end users and resellers.

  • Buy in bulk and save: 51-100 save $5 per light, 101 or more and save $13 per light.
  • Free shipping on orders of 100 or more.

What types of forklifts can the Red Zone be used on and are they UL rated?

The Red Zone lights are designed to be mostly utilized for indoor use and on any type of forklift including but not limited to tuggers, stand-ups, or sit downs. The lights are weatherproof but can be hard to visually see outdoors on very sunny days. These lights are compatible with any fuel type.

  • Note: If you are considering using the lights on a man up forklift test a set on one lift first to ensure they will work for at your desired heights.

At this time the Red Zone lights are not UL rated. Therefore, they cannot be used on forklifts rated higher hazard areas such as LPS, Ex locations, EE or ES.

  • Note: We are in the process of getting the Red Zone lights UL rated in the very near future. However, for very high hazard locations such as EX trucks these lights will not be UL rated and are not recommend.

What other forklift safety solutions can be used in conjunction with the Red Zone?

The Red Zone lights can also be combined with our warning Forklift Blue Spot Lights.

  • See our website for additional products such as SAFE-LITE, Big Blue and Beast blue spotlights.

For very large forklifts or large outdoor equipment we suggest our Crane lights as they can be used on any type of mobile equipment and create a very bright spot light or bright red or blue line similar to the Red Zone.

  • These lights use a special lens, included in cost, that allows them to project a spot or a line.
  • The lights are 10 times as bright as the Red Zone lights.
  • Can be utilized indoor and outdoors.
  • The Crane lights are designed for very large equipment.

How is the Red Zone installed?

The Red Zone lights are mounted to any chosen sides of the forklift. One is required for each side you would like to project a safety zone. The light can be easily mounted to the forklift’s overhead guard by using the tool free bracket that is included in the package. No drilling required, just simply attach with heavy-duty zip ties. The lights are then adjusted with the swiveling mounting bracket.

The included video will walk you through the complete mounting process.

Once all the lights are attached, have a qualified maintenance/forklift technician wire the lights into the forklift’s power supply. The Red Zone lights should be wired to stay on when ever the forklift is powered on or in operation.

  • Note: For electric forklifts with regenerative braking, ensure you are connected to a circuit that will not expose the lights to high power surges; this could damage them and would not be covered under warranty.

Red Zone Light Product Specs:

  • Dimensions: 6” x 2.25” x 2.75”
  • Operating voltage: 9-64 volts DC
  • Current draw: 13.5V is 1.39 amps
  • IP67 rated
  • Weatherproof
  • PC lens material
  • Aluminum body
  • Mounting bracket and wiring included
  • 2 year warranty (100,000 plus hour rated life)
  • Three – 6  Watt LED’s (1,200 lumens)
  • Powered by the forklift



Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 4 in