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Badge operated access, supervisor set controls, and tracking operator and forklift productivity through multiple inputs allows for accurate reporting capabilities.

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Who this is for

Companies wanting to monitor their forklifts and forklift operators. Companies who want to reduce damage by up to 70% and improve overall forklift safety.


Reduce damage to your forklifts, facility and products by up to 70%. Control access to only trained and authorized operators, complete the OSHA required inspection checklist electronically, track forklift efficiency, monitor forklift speed, all in one device.

Additional Info

The Keytroller LCD color wireless access-monitoring system Model 601 can be installed on any make or model of forklift, crane, truck, compressor, generator, pump, construction equipment, or any other gas, diesel, or electric machine. It can monitor a variety of safety points and hold drivers accountable for speeding, reckless driving, completing your own customizable pre-shift checklist, abandonment of vehicles, and equipment usage start and stop times. It also holds mechanics accountable for performing maintenance tasks in a timely manner, customizable checklist evaluation, and properly resetting maintenance due dates. Here are even more features of the Keytroller:

  • Monitors seat belt usage
  • Key-less ignition with the press of a button and no keys to keep track of
  • Critical item shutdown when a checklist item is neglected
  • Fully customizable automated daily pre-shift electronic checklist
  • Vehicle speed displayed on LCD screen
  • Wifi allows device to communicate from anywhere
  • External alarm after a collision or while speeding
  • Re-Certification warning
  • Text messaging
  • Email
  • Auto log off
  • Automatic graphing of event log

The Keytroller software offers additional functionality on your computer. It is constantly in communication with the Keytroller devices over wireless internet and can display any information that the Keytroller displays. Using this software, you can also customize checklists, email or text message vehicles in range, view and export logged data, schedule maintenance, set training schedules, and adjust all settings for the device.

The Keytroller is an amazing piece of equipment every workplace should utilize. Its specifications are as follows:

  • 350mA standby current with radio on, or 40mA in sleep mode
  • 12VDC supply voltage
  • Water immersion up to IP -68
  • Temperature range of -40 to 167 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 165mm x 95mm x 57mm or 6.5in x 3.75in x 2.25in
  • Over voltage reliability
  • High shock tested
  • Condensation and salt spray reliability
  • Vibration durability

Each of our kits include and RFID card reader, and outdoor keypad with color LCD display, WiFi radio, and a relay sensor module. Optional add ons include a voltage converter or an impact sensing module.

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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in